Android Application Development

As we know that a mobile app whether it’s an Android or iOS is used across worldwide and its usage has increased by leaps and bounds over past several years. So it becomes an imperative for the Web Pioneers to use the latest technique to stand unique amongst other. We indulge into best practice to finish our work in the finest way possible so that users can seek the best advantage as per their requirements. With this rapid pace of technology it becomes must for our mobile app developers to write different version of application using a best combination of codes. Our unfazed professional presents a well-integrated technology to pacify the needs of the users to enable them to use the mobile app as expected by them.

Key highlights of our services pertaining to Android and iOS development

Our team is familiar with different type of App platform these are:

Native app:

To step up user experience for easy operations the native platform is best designed to ameliorate different platforms whether it’s an Apple iOS, Google Android or windows phone. To accomplish a well-designed app application, our team makes use of web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Hybrid App development:

These apps are developed using a HTML5 programming language and are run through web browser. Although they are as responsive as Native app but are ideal for apps whose sole aim is to deliver content. Keep faith on us to have a best designed app for the users to satisfy their increasing needs. If you are looking for developing such kind of web platform then Web Pioneers welcomes you by using well-designed Hybrid app development for Android and iOS.

Web apps:

Web application is the broader term which put together the server side programming to facilitate the users with its interactive interface, real time connection to backend database to give result to browser. For example, the online banking, e commerce sites and many more. Web Pioneers is well-known site for delivering projects on web app development on time with full perfection.

Technology employed in developing web apps

Client side scripting or coding:

It is the code written for an understanding by the browser which uses the technology such as

Dojo Toolkits

Server side coding:

This code is written for web server interpretation which uses the following technologies.

Ruby on Rails
Zend framework